Spring Has Sprung – We’re Ready To Be Of Service!
Two seasonal issues of spring are generally Snow Mold and debris clean-up.  If you see evidence of Snow Mold i.e.. circular pink to white patches ranging from a few inches to a foot or greater in diameter (see photo below), rake the area very lightly to increase air circulation.  With warmer weather and proper fertilization, your lawn in most cases, should recover.  Light raking is also recommended for the entire lawn.  Lawns tend to be “soft” in the spring so avoid excessively heavy raking when doing your spring clean-up.  An additional thing you may see in your lawn as the snow melts is a network of 1″ wide pathways chewed throughout the grass.  These are caused by mice and voles tunneling between the ground and snow pack in search of food.  These areas will also grow out and recover with warmer soil temperatures and proper fertilization.
***A Word About 1st Application Timing***
The Green Scene does not use any of the older style crabgrass pre-emergents for two reasons:
  1. They are very harsh on the root system of the existing grass.
  2. If they are not applied by April 15th, they do not work (Remember all the panic over having your 1st application done by Forsythia bloom?)
The Green Scene uses a crabgrass pre-emergent called Dimension, the same product used by golf courses on their putting greens.  This product will actually stop crabgrass after it begins to grow and does not harm the root system of your existing lawn.  We continue, as we have done for years, to use a two-application crabgrass pre-emergent approach for better control and minimal stress to turfgrass.  As a result of our using this premium product, we do not have to start servicing lawns March 1st when the ground is frozen and weeds, which are not yet visible, cannot be controlled.  In addition, fertilizer applied to non-growing turf can also leach out of the soil and contribute to water quality issues in our rivers and Long Island Sound.  We service your lawn in late March, April and May when it is growing and can benefit from the materials we apply.