With the arrival of Fall, certain horticultural practices can be modified for the cooler weather.

Cutting: As we move towards our final cuts of the season, you can slowly lower your cutting height over several cuts (don”t take off too much at once – the lawn will look brown).  A shorter lawn will allow leaves to blow off more easily and the lawn will green up faster in the Spring.

Watering: The need for watering is reduced in the Fall so adjust accordingly.

Recovery Time is Here!!

Fall is a time of recovery for turf grasses.  The cooler weather inhibits or stops the many summertime issues that trouble lawns throughout July and August.  Insect activity drops off in cooler weather, as does the various turf diseases that thrive in hot, humid weather.  Noxious summer weeds such as Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Spurge, and Purselane begin to lose their vigor and die off (our Fall services contain weed controls to help them along).  Our Fall Service also contains fertilizer, organic biostimulants, and micronutrients that enhance turf recovery and tillering.  Tillering is the turf”s method of spreading out through its root system.  The roots break through the soil surface and produce new grass blades.  One of the services The Green Scene offers, which is highly beneficial in the fall, is Core Aeration.  The many holes punched into the lawn by Aeration break up thatch and loosen soil hardened by summer heat. This allows the tillering roots to move freely through the soil leading to a thicker, healthier more beautiful lawn.  If you are interested in learning more about this highly beneficial service, please feel free to call us at (860) 528-0373.